James Vernon


dave Dave Bailey How often do you regret joining RTD?

Honestly never, it’s a great community for runners of all standards and I have made some nice friends and received nice feedback, help and support when I’ve asked for it

april April Joynes When did you start running and why?

I’ve tried off and on over the years to get into running but would usually do a few days and then quit. Around five years ago I was around twenty stone and knew I had to do something. I guess though I’ve only been running what I’d call seriously for the last ten months. The reason why I run is I genuinely believe it promotes good physical and mental health for me and also I have a two year old boy, I’m 42 and I want to be able to play sport with him when I’m 50!

mich Michelle Louise Whitehead What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on a run?

I had to really think about this one. Someone once stopped me and told me I was a rubbish runner, he had a go at me for running in the road and then tried to sell me his services as a personal trainer!

andrea Andrea Pagett what was you best ever Christmas present?

A commodore vic 20 computer back in the 80’s. I wanted my own computer so bad and was so ecstatic when I unwrapped it

jess Jessica Boanas What is your favourite night before race tea/pre race breakfast/post race tea?

Fave pre race tea: Veggie burger and chips Pre race brekkie; Toast and peanut butter Post race: Anything and everything but something with chips

emma Emma Phillips What’s your favourite distance to race and why?

Fave distance race is the half marathon. Far enough to matter but not far enough to hurt too much

wayne Wayne Maxwell Lawson Davies All Your running gear is dirty, smelly and unwashed by the washing machine. Do you A) wear it again it’s only going to get dirty again anyway or B) think no i will wait until it’s clean?

I like my running kit nice and clean which my lovely wife Nicky always seems to manage so thank you Nicky. But I’d definitely wear it again

dom Dominic Bowen What’s your worst race experience?

My worst race experience was the Bournemouth marathon this year at mile 16. My brain just said no more and I was looking for a way out, I thought to myself why? Why do this its crazy but I managed to hang in there and finish in 3hrs 37. An hour after the race I started feeling sick and dizzy and ended up going for a lie down next to the course, I ended up being checked out by the Red Cross and worrying my family so that wasn’t great.. The moral of this was eat before the race!!

jo.jpg Joanne Tunley Would you run a race that dosnt offer bling at the end?

I would but I’d be disappointed, I like a medal and t shirt I’m now looking at locations or challenges more than anything but I think the race and medal go hand in hand

nick.jpg Nick Venables Have you ever seen someone MAN DOWN in a race and stopped to help?

I’ve seen lots of people go down looking really poorly and never stopped I’m ashamed to admit. At the Reigate half at mile 13ish a man went down like Alistair Brownlee I was on for a pb but kept going luckily there was a Marshall there!!

tanith Tanith Galer What’s your mantra or way of getting through the tough ‘I want to quit’ run times?

My mantra is you’re fast, this is easy, it’s nothing, you’re a gazelle just keep going! Somehow you’re a juggernaut has crept in which is very odd!

14462873_10157444677295693_3144206143922476356_n Ginte Bailey Have you ever lied about distance ran/pace? if yes, why?

Yes sometimes with my wife or daughter when running I’ll lie to keep them motivated as in its not far or fast when it is!

becky Becky Gaete What animal is goofy?

Goofy is definitely a dog, or is that Pluto?

matt Matt Murray What’s your favourite cake?

Carrot cake

gary Gary Manders Sex before a Marathon…Yes or no and reasons why and did you contemplate it after a marathon ..lol?

A 2 year old boy that rarely sleeps when it’s convenient puts paid to any sex!

James is running the VLM for get kids going, for anyone interested, you can check out his page here


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