RTD Global Team Challenge Rules

Welcome to the:  RTD Global Team CHALLENGE

Challenge Rules:
1. All members of RTD are eligible for a team entry, once your team has been selected you are not permitted to change during the competition.
2. Once your team has been selected you will be given a link to join Strava where all mileage will be recorded.
3. Teams must have at least 5 runners to qualify for each category and a maximum of 10.
4. To be eligible as a team member a runner must confirm the team they have chosen prior to 1st September. No entries will be excepted after this date.
5. Mileage will be captured weekly and teams will be placed on a leader board for all members to see. If mileage is not submitted by 00:00 on a Monday morning the mileage will not count towards the challenge.
6. Mileage needs to be uploaded in realtime and not banked for a bulk upload prior to closure of this challenge.

7. Team members in respective category’s can be disqualified if the facilitator feels that mileage recorded is not a true reflection of the team overall performance.

8. Members are to be of a good picture of health being sensible when running in hot, cold, dark conditions. Running The Distance takes no responsibility for any injuries that are sustained during this challenge.

9. This competition is running based and walking will not be counted! Walking will only be counted if the partaker is completing ultra distance.

10. Treadmill running: if you are running on a treadmill and want to add mileage manually a photo of the time & distance covered on the machine must be added to the activity. Activity uploads will be checked and again at the discretion of the RTD team could be deleted resulting in your activity not counting towards the challenge.

11. Please note at times mileage will be round down to the nearest point, no mileage will be lost it will be added to your next activity. Example: 5.8 miles covered, 5 miles will be added with the .8 miles sitting in the back ground waiting to be added to your next activity! Please note this is because of Strava and not RTD.

Next steps:

Congratulations you have now been entered in to a team.

Safe Running All


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