Brooks Ghost 9: review


Second only to a decent sports bra, a great pair of trainers is a must have for a runner. Traditionally, I am not a Brooks owner so when I was given the chance to try out the new Ghost 9’s, you can imagine my excitement. These trainers had been named “Best Buy” in the Runner’s World 2016 Fall Shoe Guide so I had high expectations… and they were bright pink (girly moment!).

I decided to do a bit of research before they arrived and found that they were:

  • Lightweight: 258g
  • Arch: Medium, High
  • Surface: Road/Track
  • Midsole drop: 12mm
  • Support level: neutral

So they real were ideal for my style of running and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. From the bright colour to the entertaining “Carpe runem” inside, they were an impressive looking pair of shoes so I went out immediately for a test run.



As usual, I went for a size and a half bigger than my usual size (8.5 in trainers) to give myself enough room in them. I have quite wide feet so was worried that they might be a big snug but they really were a perfect fit. The toe box is apparently wider than the previous Ghost 8’s and has been totally updated this year. It is now completely seamless and is made from a mesh material which is great for breathability. It stretches where it needs to stretch and supports where it needs to support. The only major downside was when I went out for a run and got caught in the rain and my feet got totally soaked but you can’t have everything! Since there is literally just a thin mesh between your feet and the outside world, my feet were drenched but offset this with having one of the warmest UK summers I can remember and the mesh allowing my feet to be cool even on my long runs, this is something I can live with.

One thing I found great was the soles. Compared to other brands, the soles had great grip, almost comparable to trail shoes so they really are suitable for all kinds of running. I tested these on road, gravel paths, through fields and woodland and never once did they let me down.

They are also very springy and well cushioned which has been ideal as I have started to up the mileage in readiness for winter half marathons. The Brooks website tell me that they use BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning which “dynamically adapts to every step and stride”. What this means in laymans terms is there is springiness and support throughout and sufficient cushioning that you feet feel protected whatever the distance. I tested these out for short faster runs (PB in my Navy fitness test!), a longer 10 miler and every kind of run in between. The flat laces and seven eyelets ensured that the trainers felt secure throughout.

Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend these trainers whether you want them for shorter or long runs. Just save them for when the weather is nice so your feet remain dry and you are onto a winner!

Available for the usual web retails or direct from the Brooks website (£115):


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