Brooks Glycerin 14 Review

Brooks Glycerin 14 Review:

July 31st 2016
Trainer review by Ellie Michael
Brand: Brooks
Model: Glycerin 14
Weight: 260.80 grams
Midsole drop: 10mm
Surface: Road/track
Arch: Medium/high


  • Super DNA midsole provides 20% more adaptable cushioning than Bio MoGo DNA
  • Ideal pressure zones disperse impact for an effortless ride
  • 3D stretch print applies strategic mesh and structure for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable saddle wraps the foot for a secure fit

I have been given the opportunity to trial a pair of trainers from the Brooks range. During my review I will give an honest and true opinion of my experience with the Glycerin 14, released on the 1st June 2016.

I’m a massive fan of trainers and have had a fair few pairs in my collection. I have experienced a pair of Brooks before (ghost 8) and wasn’t overly blown away by them, mostly because they didn’t have a lot of stability in them, and I didn’t feel that they provided much cushioning and could feel the ground with every stride, but I was still excited to try a different model. Let’s hope I have a more positive experience with Glycerin 14’s.

While I was waiting for them to arrive, I did some research on them and was impressed with the way they looked, from the colours to the mesh on the top, and when they arrived I wasn’t disappointed.

I was very excited to try them on. As soon as I did, I could feel that they felt different from my other trainers in many ways, including the comfort, sizing and the general overall feel of the trainer. The only negative point I would have is that they felt a little tight around the widest part of the foot (I didn’t feel this whilst running). With regards to sizing, I went ½ size up from my normal shoe size (normally a 6, so went up to a 6 ½). I feel that these are a perfect fit. The only thing left to do was try them on a run.
Even from putting the trainers on, I could feel the quality in them, even the laces had a nice feel to them, so I laced up and off I went, doing 1.5 miles.

I could certainly feel the cushioning of the soles on every stride, the soles even providing a little bounce. The mesh provided room for your foot to move but not so much that it was moving around in the trainer, and I also felt that the mesh helped my feet breathe so they didn’t sweat too much, but what I noticed most was the support that they provided. They felt like they provided more support for me than my other trainers, (I supernate quite a lot) and can always feel my feet turn when I land, but they didn’t do that with the these so felt it had a positive impact on my run. I also felt like they provided cushioning, which is important to me as I don’t want to feel the impact every time my feet hit the ground.

My feet barely moved in the trainer, providing the much needed support that I need and felt that this was the best pair of trainers that I had used in a long time (especially since becoming a serious runner)!!

This was the longest run that I have managed in these trainers, but this wasn’t about speed or distance, it was to understand how they work and how they feel but can’t wait to try them on a longer distance.

This is one of my quicker runs in recent months and I think the cushioning and support that I received from the trainer definitely helped.

I would highly recommend these trainers not just for people who need just a neutral shoe, but who require a little bit more support in their trainer, and I believe that these trainers will suit both short and long distance runners alike.

The trainers can be bought from most web based retailers and in stores, they also come in a wide range of colours. Prices range from £116.90 – £130.00 I would recommend a pair!

Please note, the Brooks Glycerin 14 are vegan friendly. There are no animal products or by-products used in any part of the shoe, including the glues 👍


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