Brooks Neuro Review

Brand: Brooks

Model: Neuro

Weight: 9.3 oz (266.5 grams)

Fit: Medium

Midsole Drop: 6mm

Surface: Road/Track

Arch: Flat, Medium, High


• Propulsion Pods, BioMoGo DNA encapsulated into blown rubber, provide adaptive cushioning and rapidly return energy
• Dual Toe Flex engages a foot’s natural balance for an efficient push-off
• Gearing Mechanism allows the heel and forefoot to move independently for a powerful push-off
• Rounded heel provides better alignment, minimising stress on joints
• Propulsion plates create a stable platform for powerful and aligned toe-offs
• Dynamic Hammock System wraps underfoot and tightens through the eyelets for a second-skin fit and improved foot alignment built for maximum energy return
• Mesh upper manages moisture to keep feet cool and dry

I will today give you an honest and open account of my time spent running with the Brooks Neuro released in 1st March 2016.

Having reviewed two pairs of Brooks already from the Ravenna range, a new style of trainer from Brooks came to light in the form of the Neuro. I like a good trainer like everyone else does, but this one really caught my attention and I was dying to get my hands on a pair, those suction like cups on the soles blew me away!!

A few days after ordering, my package arrived and I couldn’t get the box open quick enough. As I opened them up here is what I found:

I was absolutely blown away by the trainers, although I had some slight reservations over the design patterns on the mesh area. Here is a video account of my experience of the unboxing:

So these trainers are advertised as being designed for speed, and at 9.3 oz they are extremely light. I must admit its difficult to see how as the propulsion pods make them look really heavy, but when putting them on they felt incredibly light.

In regards the sizing, I took the test on Brooks’s website and went with size 11.5, which gave me plenty of room and avoided any potential tightness. In the Brooks Ravenna range I wore an 11, but half a size up in the Neuros is recommended. I put the trainers on and they were incredibly comfortable. The hammock system introduced in the lace area is a great idea, I’ve read a couple of negative comments about them and would challenge every single one of them as the trainers did feel like a second skin and this added element to the trainers is a really positive step in trainer design.

To get the trainers on and off is really easy to do, and the laces there’s no need to mess about with them just simply tie them up and your on your way.

As with all my reviews I like to go on a short quick run and a long steady run. So off I went on a 5k to test drive these funky new trainers.

My first kilometre was really enjoyable and I pushed the pace, feeling the full benefit of the propulsion pods, although I must say the trainers were pretty noisy and the pods were making a bit of a clunking noise as I hit the road. I hoped to put this down to being a new pair of trainers and the noise would subside as I broke them in. I faded a little bit in the middle of my run due to the intense summer heat but picked the pace back up during the last mile. All in all I really enjoyed the run. The trainers gave me a great energy return, and the support and cushioning that the trainer gave me was faultless.


The next day I felt really good so the recovery from the trainers gave me hope that they could last at longer distances, I thought it was now time to plan a longer run and see how the trainer would fair over a larger distance like 10km.

After a few days rest I was feeling ready to go again and excited about getting into the Neuros once more. As previously mentioned I would recommend again that if you like your trainers roomy, then go up at least a half size from your usual trainer for a more comfortable ride.

Lets be honest were having a pretty great summer so the sun was shining, the weather was perfect for running, off I embarked on a 10k. I took time out as I always do to record some videos from my run. They can be seen here:

The 10k was completed, I wasn’t aiming for a personal best it was a steady training run to get a better feel and understanding of the workings of the Brooks Neuro.

To summarise the whole experience, I can find no fault in the trainer other than the design on the mesh, which has started to grow on me but did catch my eye at first. In my opinion, provided you make full use of the hammock system and go half a size up to your normal size, once the trainers are broken in after a few short runs, you will reap the benefit of them. The noise from the trainers on my second run had gone quieter and I put this down to them just being new, it wasn’t an issue in the end. I haven’t been able to test the trainers in severe weather conditions such as rain and snow, but the grip I felt on the road leads me to believe that this wouldn’t be a problem. The trainers stood the test of a 5k and 10k and I truly believe they can take you further which I intend to do at a later date.

I received the trainers on Thursday and have worn them a couple of days in-between runs to break them in, I have so far covered a distance of 15km’s over a period of 2 runs. I’ve been looking for a lighter trainer to replace other brands I have been using, and I think the Neuro fit the bill. I would highly recommend using them for shorter distances and can see some serious breakthroughs for people at this distance, especially at an event like park run.

The trainers can be bought from most web based retailers and in stores, they also come in a wide range of colours, which I couldn’t resist posting pictures of. Prices range from £66.00 – £115.00 I would highly recommend a pair!

Please note, the Brooks Neuro are vegan friendly. There are no animal products or by-products used in any part of the shoe, including the glues 👍


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