Julie Skinner


Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born in Nottingham, grew up in New Sawley, Long Eaton and Ilkeston. I moved to Cumbria when I was 23 (I think,it’s a long time ago now) and I now live 7 miles from Penrith. Great for getting to the Lakes and fells and close to the motorway too if I need to head south.

How are you enjoying the group?

I love the group. I think I joined at the start after a post on the Robin Hood half/marathon group. Some of the names are still familiar. I love how everyone is different, I’m in awe of the ultra runners but I’m happy knowing there are other plodders out there just like me. I really think the support from everyone here is fantastic. Long may it continue.

When you’re not running what’s your day job?

I’m a postie. I walk around 10-12 miles 5 days a week for work, I try and run up some steps and hills on my round for a bit of extra training.

Have you ever lied to your boss to get out of work, if so what was the lie?

Yes, not my current boss I hasten to add. Many years ago I said my grandfather had died. He’d been dead for years! That’s bad isn’t it?

What are your 2016 running goals?

I have 2 half marathons planned this year. Brathay Windermere half on my birthday (22nd May) and the Robin Hood in September. I’d love to PB in those. I’d also like to attend a Parkrun. I work most Saturdays so it’s difficult but I will try and get to one before the year is out. Other than that I just want to keep running so I can eat cake.

If you could be any age for a week, what would it be?

I’m heading for 53 but still feel like I’m 21 in some ways, just a bit more creaky than I was back then. So I guess any age between these would be good.

If you were given one last meal, what would it be?

Easy to answer this one…. wild rice, haloumi and ginger braised leeks with sweet pepper, chilli and caper sauce. It’s recipe from “for the love of food” by Denis Cotter. I have a few of his books, all the recipes are vegetarian and all are delicious but this is my favourite.

What’s the difference between jogging and running?

Hmmmm, I suppose jogging could be seen as slower running. It doesn’t really bother me what it’s called to be honest. I know some folks get wound up about it but I get called worse things than being a jogger and I won’t repeat those names here.

If you don’t pay your exorcist, will you get repossessed?

Yes and then you’ll have to call Ghostbusters!

Finally, any tips for running and for the rest of our members?

Enjoy what you do. Try not to feel you’re less of a runner if you’re slow compared to others. It took me a while to get it into my head that the folks who run twice as fast as me are probably half my age and maybe I would have been fast back then. Buy running shoes and socks that are comfortable and don’t worry if they aren’t what everyone else wears, it’s not a crime to be different. And when someone hurls abuse out of a car window when you’re running just shout “I’m running the distance, what are you doing? ”


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