Brooks Ravenna 5 Review


Brand: Brooks

Model: Ravenna 5

Weight: 10.3 oz (292 grams)

I purchased my first ever pair of Brooks recently and picked up the Ravenna 5. They are from the spring/summer 2014 range. A lot of members in our Facebook group Running The Distance speak highly of Brooks. As a brand I wasn’t familiar with, I wanted to test a more affordable pair first before looking at the high end prices.

First off, the trainers look pretty great and come in a wide range of colours to suit a variety of tastes. I went with the grey, with yellow, white and black trim. First impressions, I can’t fault the look other than for me, they looked a bit wide and chunky compared to my previous trainer of another brand.

On my 1st run, I laced up and instantly found them comfortable with excellent support for my large frame. As a 6 4″ runner, I felt the extra cushioning was needed due to niggling knee and calf pain. So off I went on a five mile run at a steady pace. At around two miles in there was slight discomfort in my right foot and ankle. As I had experienced this previously with other brands of new trainers I persevered and the discomfort subsided after another mile or two.

During the run the extra cushioning from the extended segmented crash pad noticeably helped absorb and take the strain of the roads and hilly parts of my route. At 10.3 oz in weight, they were over two ounces heavier than some other trainers I have. This took a bit of getting used to, and my pace was impacted slightly by the weight difference.

So the five mile was completed and apart from the discomfort in my ankle and foot, possibly from previous niggling injuries, the trainers felt great and I was very pleased with their first outing.

On 24th January, I took off on a ten mile run, this was the furthest I’d ever run before. As I’d been out several times previously, any issues that had arisen from the first run had passed and my feet had settled into the new trainers. The run overall went great and at no point during the run did I have knee or calf issues. I even went off road slightly but wouldn’t recommend that too often as you can see from the below photo they took a bit of a pounding from the mud!


Here’s a video from my run:

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the trainer and would certainly recommend them as a first pair of Brooks to anyone. I have noticed a huge improvement in my after run recovery and I’m aching far less days after a long run. In my opinion they are built for longer distances, you wouldn’t expect to be excelling at say a 5k. There more for 10k and over.

The trainers can be bought from most web based retailers and in stores. Prices range from £39.99 – £75.00, go grab yourself a pair!

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